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The Highlight Reel - 4/23/24

Optimas-JAGA International Series – Order of Merit Wraps Up in Spectacular Fashion

The Junior Asian Golf Academy (JAGA) showcased its talent with several impressive performances throughout the tournament.

Armaan Gawde led the U15 boys over the first two days, finishing strong in 3rd place. Kartik Singh had a remarkable third day, surging from 3rd to claim the top spot in the U15 boys division. In the U23 boys division, Oliver and Samuel Mukherjee displayed intense competition, with Oliver ultimately emerging victorious. Additionally, Ashlynn Choo, Tim Richter, Samuel Tan, Jonathan Ramarolahy, Nguyen Vu Anh Minh, and Yu Jen Lee represented JAGA with commendable performances, demonstrating the academy's commitment to nurturing young golfing talents.

Congratulations to the Winners

Boys Division:

Overall Winner: Shijun Jing

U13: Salem Alabdallat

U15: Kartik Singh

U18: Shijun Jing

U23: Oliver Mukherjee

Girls Division:

Overall Winner: Natalii Gupta

U13: Erum Kim

U15: Suritpreeya Praksanubal

U18: Lavanya Gupta

U23: Natalii Gupta

Charting the Course Ahead This inaugural event has set the stage for an exciting future, with over 30 events planned from September to April. The championship is slated to return to Al-Ain around the same time next year, promising an even more thrilling golfing spectacle.

The success of the event was amplified by our esteemed sponsors and partners, including, BFG, the Asia Pacific Golf Confederation, Agency Recruit, E Golf Megastore, and the Emirates Golf Federation. We are also grateful to the participating associations from across the globe for their invaluable support.

Gordon Sargent Delays PGA Tour Card to Continue College Golf at Vanderbilt

In a surprising turn of events, Gordon Sargent, the reigning #1 amateur golfer in the world, has decided to delay accepting his PGA Tour card. Sargent, a standout junior at Vanderbilt University, has earned his PGA Tour card through the PGA TOUR U Accelerated program.

 This initiative aims to offer college golfers a unique pathway to secure either their PGA or Korn Ferry Tour cards. Despite having the golden ticket to turn professional, Sargent has chosen to continue honing his skills and experience at the collegiate level. He plans to accept his PGA Tour card after the conclusion of the 2024-25 college golf season. This decision speaks volumes about the invaluable experience and development opportunities that college golf provides to young talents like Sargent.

Sargent's decision underscores the significant benefits that college golf offers to aspiring professional golfers. College golf provides a structured environment that fosters both athletic and academic growth. Players have access to top-notch coaching, state-of-the-art facilities, and competitive tournaments, all while pursuing a degree. This dual focus on sports and education prepares athletes not only for success on the golf course but also for life beyond it.

As we approach the national championship, Sargent's choice to delay his PGA Tour card reminds us of the unparalleled opportunities that college golf offers in shaping the future stars of the sport.

JAGA Students Triumph at Vietnam Golf Association Junior Tour

JAGA students showcased their exceptional skills at the Vietnam Golf Association Junior Tour, claiming top honors across multiple divisions.

Harry Nguyen led the way in the Boys U15 division, clinching the first-place title with an impressive display of skill and composure. Kevin Ngo followed suit with a strong performance, securing the second spot in the same division.

Bear Pham demonstrated resilience in the Boys U18 division, earning a well-deserved third-place finish. These remarkable achievements highlight the talent and dedication of JAGA students, reinforcing the academy's commitment to excellence in junior golf development.

JAGA Success Continues at US Kids Tournament in Thailand

At our Thailand campus, Black Mountain, JAGA students continued their winning ways at the US Kids Tournament. Samuel Tan emerged victorious in a thrilling battle in the Boys 15-18 group, securing a narrow victory.

Kartik Singh showcased his talent in the Boys 13-14 division, claiming the top spot in a competitive field. Additionally, Tran Hai Nam, Tantikorn Klinpeng, Jay Handa, and Than Bao Nghi delivered strong performances, further highlighting the depth of talent within the JAGA student community.

These successes at the international level solidify JAGA's reputation as a powerhouse in junior golf and set the stage for future achievements.

Understanding Canadian High School Education: Curriculum Approval by Provincial Ministries

In Canada, high schools operate under the oversight of provincial or territorial Ministries or Departments of Education, rather than having unique school codes like those in the United States.

The curriculum taught in Canadian high schools is approved and regulated by these educational authorities to ensure consistency and quality in education across the region. This centralized approach allows for standardized educational standards and objectives to be met, providing students with a comprehensive and uniform learning experience aligned with the educational goals set by the government.

Kartik Singh: The #1 Junior Golfer in the World

We are thrilled to announce that our student, Kartik Singh, has been named the #1 junior golfer in the world by the prestigious Junior Golf Scoreboard (JGSB) ranking.

Out of 938 players, Kartik's exceptional talent and dedication have propelled him to the top, despite only participating in 7 JGSB recognized events. This outstanding feat is a testament to Kartik's hard work, perseverance, and the expert training he has received at the Junior Asian Golf Academy.

His achievement not only highlights his incredible skill but also serves as an inspiration to all our students, showcasing what can be accomplished through dedication and passion for the game of golf. Congratulations, Kartik, on this remarkable accomplishment!

Registration for 2024-25 is Open!

Registration is now open for all (JAGA) campuses, located in Canada, Thailand, India, Vietnam, and the UAE. Whether you're looking to hone your skills on the greens of our Canada campus, experience the training facilities in Thailand, India, or Vietnam, or benefit from our expert coaching in the UAE, there's an opportunity waiting for you. Don't miss your chance to join our esteemed programs. Visit our website today for registration details and take the first step towards unlocking your golfing potential with JAGA!


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