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Student Behind the Books
Science Program

Required Courses:

  • OLC40  (Literacy course)

  • ENG4U (English)

  • MHF4U (advanced funtions)

  • MCV4U (Calculus and Vectors)

Pick 2 of the following science courses:

  • SPH4U (Physics)

  • SCH4U (Physics)

  • SBI4U (Biology)

  • Pick 1 complimentary course

Students are required to have completed grade 11 advanced math and science.

Acceptance subject to transcript review.

Exams Sessions

All exams must be supervised by a qualified proctor. Please contact us for more information.

Course Fees
  • 250$ Application and transcript analysis

  • 399$: Registration

  • 579$/course (English registration/course)*

  • 579$/course (French registration/course)*

  • SAT test (see

  • 90$ exam proctoring fee

  • International students: 1199$ per course (registration: 1500$).

          prices may change without notice


  • Can I enroll in one course at a time? Yes

  • Do I need to purchase extra materiel such as books? No

  • What do I need to complete the courses? Computer & Wifi

  • How long can I take to complete a course? 365 days, but we suggest that you do not take more than 3.

  • Can I schedule my exam at any time? Yes (certain restrictions)

  • Can I be accepted to Universities in Quebec? Yes, except for UQAM. Some restrictions may apply.

  • Where can I write the SAT test? We refer students to College Board. Please visit their website for more answers. SATs are held at McGill University or Vanier College.

Business and Law

Eligible graduating students can apply for an Ontario high school diploma. A typical student must complete:

  • Grade 11 (HS diploma for Quebec students)

  • Academic Transcript approval

  • 6 courses pre-university courses

  • 10 hours of community service (if completed grade 11)

  • Ontario Literacy Course

CEGEP Alternative

Our grade 12 pre-university program provides a CEGEP alternative for students in the province of Quebec. In addition, our program allows students to be university eligible after one year opposed to the current 2 year CEGEP curriculum. 

University Admissions Info
Click on the University logo below

Grade 12 students cannot apply to The Universities of Quebec (UQAM,, UQO, UQAC, etc.).

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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