Course Description

This course introduces the mathematical concept of the function by extending students’ experiences with linear and quadratic relations. Students will investigate properties of discrete and continuous functions, including trigonometric and exponential functions; represent functions numerically, algebraically, and graphically; solve problems involving applications of functions; investigate inverse functions; and develop facility in determining equivalent algebraic expressions. Students will reason mathematically and communicate their thinking as they solve multi-step problems.

Summary of Units and Timelines

Below is the suggested sequence of course unit delivery as well as the recommended number of hours to complete the respective unit. For complete details of targeted expectations within each unit and activity, please see each Unit Overview found in the course profile.

Unit Order

Unit Name

Suggested Time

Unit 0 Prerequisite Review of Concepts 5 hours
Unit 1 Introduction to Functions 15 hours
Unit 2 Algebraic Expressions 10 hours
Unit 3 Quadratic Functions 20 hours
Unit 4 Exponential Functions 17 hours
Unit 5 Functions & Applications of Trig 30 hours
Unit 6 Discrete Functions 18 hours
    Total: 115 hours

Grade 11 Advanced Functions-MCR3U